8th October 2014
  • DATE - 8th November 2014
  • VENUE - Jack Kane Centre, Edinburgh
  • GAME TIME - 10:00am-4:30pm
  • MEET - 9:00am
  • COST - £10 per player per team. No team costs.

31st July 2014
Tournament Dates:
  • Saturday 8th November 2014 in Edinburgh Jack Kane Centre
  • Saturday 6th December 2014
  • Saturday 31st January 2015
  • Saturday 7th March 2015

28th April 2014
As you will have noticed, the SURHL is being rebranded as the Scottish 3on3 Inline Hockey League (S3IHL). Firstly, we are rebranding the sport as "inline hockey" as it should be. This puts us in-line (haha) with BIPHA (British Inline Puck Hockey Association). Once again, we are not affiliated with BIPHA and we are not competing against BIPHA, but rather providing a framework for non-BIPHA teams. I would recommend all teams involved, that if they feel they are going to be competitive in BIPHA that they pursue that league, as it is a much higher level.

Similarly, I can not turn away teams/players who have already played with us. For those teams in Dundee and Glasgow that have been involed in both BIPHA and the SURHL, I am not interested in turning them away after having been in the fold for the last year or more.

Moving forward, we are in contact with teams from both Aberdeen and Dunoon and the Scotland Womens BIPHA squad (a BIPHA exemption), and are greatly looking forward to getting them involved in the league. Both are relatively new teams and vary in experience and skill level.

If there are any players out there who know of other teams wanting to play a little bit more competitively, even in spite of their skill level, please email me with details so I may contact them.

28th April 2014
We have now reached a new point in our league format for 3 reasons:
  • There is only one university roller hockey team in Scotland recognised as an official sports club.
  • Most university players who can play roller hockey are choosing to play ice hockey.
  • The majority of SURHL players have now graduated from university.
Therefore, the league can not continue under its normal format as a university league.

I have therefore decided to rebrand and recast this league under the following:
  • The league should no longer be titled a university league.
  • The league should no longer accept only university teams.
  • The league should no longer retain a league format.
  • The league should retain its 3-on-3 tournament format.
  • The league should retain its focus on non-BIPHA teams & players.
The purpose of this league would be to improve inline hockey in Scotland as a fun sport for those who aren't playing seriously. The league would aim to provide a structure to allow players who are not in BIPHA to play more games.

The Scottish 3on3 Inline Hockey League is now in its first year, migrating from 8 years as the Scottish Universities Roller Hockey League.

The league plays a tournament schedule [4 this year], is run entirely by university students & alumni, and has no sports union funding whatsoever.

Roller hockey is a relatively rare sport in the UK. It is played indoors, with a puck. It is a contact sport, although there is no checking. It is a fast and aggressive sport much like ice hockey but in a much smaller surface. All games are 3-on-3.

If you have any experience playing roller hockey or would like to take it up, please refer to your local team through the contacts page.


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